Apprenticeship for Employers

Apprenticeships are an employer-driven model and type of experiential learning combining paid, on-the-job learning with related instruction.

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Apprenticeships Benefit Employers of All Sizes

Apprenticeships allow employers to:

  • Develop and grow a highly-skilled, diverse workforce
  • Retain company knowledge as experts near retirement 
  • Train current staff for more advanced positions in your company
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Why Register Your Apprenticeship Program?

By choosing apprenticeship, you have demonstrated your commitment to skills-based hiring, finding new talent, and providing a structure to train new and existing employees to be successful in your industry. Registration with the US Department of Labor provides an extra layer of support in order to ensure that you and your apprentices can reap the benefits of this investment. 

Studies on registered apprenticeship show significant long-term benefits:

  • Reduce turnover and foster loyalty among employees 
  • Saves on recruitment costs 
  • Increases safety, lower company risk

CDLE and workforce partners offer a free service to employers interested in registering their program. The Apprenticeship Team will walk you through the program design process, registration requirements, and paperwork. Please complete this form to get started:

Apprenticeship Program Employer Interest Form

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Apprenticeship and Equity

Apprenticeship demonstrates a company’s commitment to equity by creating structures to reduce bias in hiring and advancement:

  • Support for establishing occupation-relevant criteria for selection
  • A structure for equal pay for apprentices as they are promoted
  • Proven diversification strategies such as quality pre-apprenticeship 
  • Complimentary access to federal and state recruitment tools to market your program to diverse audiences  
  • Connection to a network of local partners and federal resources to find and support new talent 

Learn more about Equal Employment Opportunity in Registered Apprenticeship.