Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries

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Apprenticeship Colorado is recognizing Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries for their contributions to our dynamic Registered Apprenticeship system as a strategy to accelerate the growth of high-quality job opportunities in the state and to attract new talent to in-demand occupations. Once recognized, Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries will be uniquely positioned to support and accelerate Registered Apprenticeship expansion in Colorado and will be eligible for competitive funding opportunities and other benefits.


Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries FAQs

Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries are organizations operating in Colorado that play a crucial role in expanding or enhancing our state’s Registered Apprenticeship System through their support of career seekers, apprentices, employers, and/or Sponsors.

Organizations can apply for recognition in one or both categories:

  • Industry Apprenticeship Intermediaries focus on addressing employer needs through apprenticeship by providing services such as designing and delivering curriculum, connecting employers to apprenticeship programs, reducing administrative burden through tools or acting as the Sponsor, offering professional development, and providing financial support and other resources to support the growth and sustainability of Registered Apprenticeship Programs.
  • Talent Apprenticeship Intermediaries focus on career seeker and/or apprentice needs, especially those facing employment barriers, by ensuring that they are aware of apprenticeship programs, have the resources and referrals to enroll in the program, and the support necessary to complete their program and understand their career pathway.

Both public and private entities are encouraged to apply

  • Multi-Employer Apprenticeship Sponsors 
  • An Economic Development organization
  • An Apprenticeship Training Committee 
  • A Local Workforce Board
  • A Local School District or BOCES 
  • An Industry or Trade Association 
  • A Community College or other institution of education
  • A Nonprofit Organization
  • A State Agency
  • Entities that represent a group of business partners
  • Organizations that provide services, tools or staffing to apprenticeship programs

Recognition as a Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediary provides several benefits, including:

  • Statewide recognition for supporting apprenticeship expansion
  • Eligibility for competitive funding opportunities
  • Increased visibility to attract new customers 
  • Invitations to exclusive training and events provided by the Apprenticeship Colorado team

The application for Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediaries is closed. 

Questions can be sent to apprenticeship@state.co.us