Alma Salas headshot

Alma Salas

Outreach Specialist

Alma Salas is a seasoned professional who has dedicated 13 years to the field of education, leveraging her expertise to serve her community as an Outreach Specialist for the State of Colorado, with a specific focus on Weld County. Her primary mission is to promote and expand apprenticeship programs within the region for seniors in High School.

Starting her career as an educator, Alma honed her skills in understanding community needs, fostering meaningful connections, and implementing impactful initiatives. With a Master's degree in Education from Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU), alongside minors in Chicano Studies and Political Science, reflecting her commitment to social justice and community advocacy.

Transitioning into her role as an Outreach Specialist, Alma brings her wealth of experience and passion for community engagement to the forefront. She spearheads efforts to bridge the gap between government services and the local community, particularly in Weld County, ensuring that resources are accessible and tailored to meet the diverse needs of students, with a specific emphasis on apprenticeship programs.