Dale Reed headshot: man with short gray hair and collared shirt

Dale Reed

Salesforce Administrator

Dale is the Salesforce Administrator for the Colorado Workforce Development Council and the Office of the Future of Work.  He had an extensive career as a software developer in the private sector, including working for Siemens in Munich, Germany for ten years.  He has a deep passion for technology.  His expertise spans across different programming languages, software development tools, and technologies.  He began working for the state of Colorado at CDLE in 2013 with the Unemployment Insurance division.  He then moved to HR and was the system administrator for the performance management EQEP system.  He became a Salesforce administrator in 2022.  Dale is committed to providing exceptional service and being an asset to the CDLE team.  Apart from his work, Dale loves to read, hike, be in the mountains, fish, and cycle. He enjoys spending time with his family and exploring new adventures.